Delfin English Test

 You must answer all of Section A, and as many questions as you can in Sections B and C.

Section A

  1.  1. He's ____________ actor, that's his job

    a the an his
  2.  2. Is this pen ____________?

    yours the yours you my
  3.  3. Where are you ___________?

    for from at too
  4.  4. How ___________ students are in the class?

    much many manys too manys
  5.  5. I didn't hear you, could you ___________ that, please?

    retell say repeat recount
  6.  6. Jim ____________ T.V. when the telephone rang in the next room.

    was seeing was watching watched watching
  7.  7. What are ____________ names?

    their theirs there theres
  8.  8. He ___________at 7 o'clock every day.

    gets up is getting up get up was getting up
  9.  9. She ______________ a black suit today.

    is having wears has is wearing
  10.  10. That shop is ____________ than this one.

    more cheap cheaper cheaply more cheaper
  11.  11. I like ____________football with friends at the weekends.

    playing play do making
  12.  12. She's very famous everybody ____________ her.

    knows is knowing know are know
  13.  13. What ____________ next weekend?

    do you do are you doing are you do will you doing
  14.  14. My sister finishes her homework ____________ than me.

    more quickly quicker more quick quicklier
  15.  15. This is ____________ cake I've ever tasted.

    delicious the more delicious the most delicious most delicious
  16.  16. She's an old friend I've known her ____________years.

    in for since during
  17.  17. Great news everyone we ____________ go to school tomorrow.

    ought to must to don't have to mustn't to
  18.  18. If you touch the oven, you ____________ burn yourself

    will should would can to
  19.  19. The friend ____________ house I stayed in is coming for dinner tonight.

    whom who which whose
  20.  20. If some aliens landed on earth, I ____________ make friends with them.

    can may would will

Section B

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  1.  21. He ____________ the dentist next week at 4:30.

    is seeing going to see will seeing saw
  2.  22. I ____________ been to France.

    haven't never have never didn't ever not ever
  3.  23. I _____________ play tennis every Thursday but now I don't.

    used to use to getting used to used
  4.  24. Guests _____________ use any electrical appliances in their rooms.

    can't to should must not don't have to
  5.  25. I am completely soaked. I ____________ taken an umbrella.

    could had should might have should have
  6.  26. He ____________ what I was doing but I refused to tell him anything.

    asked told said informed
  7.  27. By the year 2020 the ozone layer ____________ disappeared.

    is going to will is will have
  8.  28. If Tim ____________ the car more carefully, he wouldn't have had the accident.

    would drive had driven drove drives
  9.  29. When Joe arrived at the party Sarah wasn't there. She ____________ home.

    have been went would go had gone
  10.  30. I don't know yet if I'm going out at the weekend it depends ____________ the weather.

    by to for on

Section C

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  1.  31. He is said ____________ a multimillionaire.

    being to be to make to have
  2.  32. I don't really mind where we ____________as long as I get something to eat soon.

    are stopping stopped will stop stop
  3.  33. It won't work __________ you insert the battery.

    before after until as soon as
  4.  34. He was busy ____________ his homework.

    at making make doing to do
  5.  35. It's only the second time I ____________ Harry, but I feel as if we're already friends.

    met have meet meet have met
  6.  36. I wish I ____________ so much I feel terrible.

    didn't eat hadn't eaten hadn't ate haven't eaten
  7.  37. Although he was badly injured, he ____________ crawl his way to safety.

    can could managed to was able
  8.  38. When I was young, you ____________ be twenty-one before you could get into nightclubs.

    must would had to should
  9.  39. You ____________ milk I've got plenty in the fridge.

    mustn't buy needn't to buy needn't have bought needn't bought
  10.  40. Did you remember ____________ your mum? She said it was important.

    phoning to phone phoned phone
  11.  41. Please write a short essay (100 words) about ONE of the following:

    My Life (you can write about your job, your family, your studies, etc) My favourite book / film Advice for visiting my country A person who has influenced me