Dublin Accommodation Brochure

Your accommodation is a really important part of your experience when studying English abroad. There are lots of different options available, depending on what you would like. Some students like to stay with a host family, so they can be more integrated with the local culture. Others people really like our house shares – it’s becoming a really popular choice! – where they share a house or apartment with other language students. Many choose the residence, which are usually blocks of rooms or apartments, with students sharing facilities, like in university. It’s a good idea to book at least a few weeks accommodation with the school at the start of your programme, to make sure you have somewhere to stay when you arrive in the country. Speak to the accommodation managers in our schools to arrange accommodation, or if you need a hand with anything – it’s our pleasure to help.

Host Families

For many students studying English abroad, a large part of their experience to come in contact with the local culture, and the best way to do this is to stay in our homestay accommodation. Generally located outside the city centre, homestay can offer you a huge number of options, including single or shared rooms, half or full board and en suite or shared bathroom. In Dublin we know all our host families personally, so we guarantee you'll receive a warm Irish welcome! Prices start from €165 per week per person for Twin Rooms and €195 per week for a Single Room.

City Host (self catering)

Fancy having your own space, and a bit more independence, while still having the opportunity to live with a host? City host self catering allows you to share a home with an Irish host, while giving you the opportunity to self cater and have your own space and independence. 

You will share the house and cooking facilities with the homeowner, and all bills are included making it a really convenient option. Our city hosts are located 30-45minutes walking distance to the school. Prices start from €195 per week for a single room.

Residential Accommodation

The residence is perfect for students who would like to live in university style accommodation, where students like in large blocks of apartments, with shared cooking and socialising facilities. We have a variety of residential accommodations available in Dublin, to suit your specific requirements. The residences are within walking distance from the school and again students can choose to have a private bathroom if they wish. Prices start from €220 per week for a Single Room.

Hostel Accommodation

If none of the above suit your needs, then we can provide you with recommendations for a wide range of hostel or hotel accommodation to fit any budget – ask our accommodation staff for more details, please note that prices vary according to the season. Prices start from €135 per week for a Dorm Room.

Moreover you can find your own accommodation in Dublin, in pages such as: Daft and Viva Dublin