Academic Year Programmes

Students on Academic Year Programmes are integrated in with students on the General English 15, 20 or 30 courses, in the morning or afternoon, depending on the number of hours per week they book. Part of the course programme will be examination preparation, as non-EEA students are required to take one of the internationally recognised English language examinations when enrolled on long-stay (25 week+) courses in Ireland. Once students have entered Ireland they will be required to register at the immigration office in Dublin and open an Irish bank account - Delfin will assist with all aspects of this process.

  • Start any Monday (except on bank holidays and during the Christmas break)
  • 15, 20 or 30 hours per week
  • minimum 25 weeks study
  • Study in the morning or afternoon
  • Each 3 hour session includes a 15 minute break
  • Levels available - Elementary to Advanced
  • Class size - maximum 15
  • Age - Minimum 18

10% Discount Fees for 25 week Academic Year Programme (Morning)

General English 15: Morning classes (09:10-12:25) = €2970.

10% Discount Fees for 25 week Academic Year Programme (Afternoon)

General English 15: Afternoon classes (13:45-17:00) = €2655.

Obligatory exit exam: All Academic Year students are required to sit a recognised exam prior to completing their course. Students will be enrolled on exams as per the below table

Starting Level Expected Minimum Finishing Level Exam Options
Beginner Elementary/Pre Intermediate IELTS
Elementary Pre Intermediate IELTS/PET
Pre Intermediate Intermediate IELTS/PET
Intermediate Upper Intermediate IELTS/FCE
Upper Intermediate Advanced IELTS/CAE
Advanced Advanced IELTS/CAE

Awards: All programmes include preparation for one of the Cambridge English exams, or the IELTS exam. Please note that courses at Delfin English School are not on the NFQ (National Framework of Qualifications) and students who complete a English course at Delfin Dublin do not receive an NFQ award. Delfin English Schools in Dublin and London are official Preparation Centres for the Cambridge English Language Assessment Main Suite Exams.

Learner Protection: Delfin English School, Dublin, is a member of Marketing English in Ireland (MEI). Membership affords students with protection of the following items in case of school insolvency:

(i) tuition fees,

(ii) registration fees,

(iii) examination fees,

(iv) library fees,

(v) student services fees, and

(vi) any other fees which relate to the provision of education, training and related services.

Right to work: Students from outside the EEA on Academic Year programmes have the right to work 20 hours per week during the course, and 40 hours per week only during holidays from June to September & 15 December to 15 January inclusive.

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Academic Year 25 Weeks Morning - 20% Off

Hours (PW)TimeDays25 Week (€)
15.009:10-12:25Mon - Fri2970

Academic Year 25 Weeks Afternoon- 20% Off

Hours (PW)TimeDays25 Week (€)
15.013:45-17:00Mon - Fri2655

Academic Year Morning 20 Hours/Week - 10% Off

Hours (PW)TimeDays25 Week (€)
20.009:10-13:35Mon - Fri3420

Academic Year Afternoon 20 Hours/Week - 10% Off

Hours (PW)TimeDays25 Week (€)
20.012:35-17:00Mon - Fri2970