General English Courses London

Students taking part in Delfin’s General English course will be studying the four main skills needed to properly understand the English language; reading, writing, speaking and listening – along with improving their overall grammar and vocabulary abilities. The focus of all of our General English courses is to help you develop your communicative abilities and to activate and enhance your already existing knowledge of the English language.

Delfin’s General English lessons are typically based around easy to understand, everyday topics which are relevant to daily life. All of Delfin’s classes take place in a fun and active environment where student participation is positively encouraged. Students have the choice of studying in the morning or the afternoon and can choose 15, 20 and 30-hour options (see the below chart for pricing). Students can start their lessons on the Monday of any given week, with courses available at both our London and Dublin campuses.

Delfin’s General English Courses Include:

  • 6 hours of classes per day
  • 30 hours per week
  • Study sessions in the morning and afternoon
  • Each 3-hour session includes a 15-minute break
  • Levels Available - Elementary to Advanced
  • Maximum Class Size - 15
  • Minimum Age - 16
  • Start any Monday (except for Bank Holidays and during the Christmas break
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