Amazing Location

"The location of the school is the best! The neighbourhood is great and we have a huge tube station right on the corner. Every day London is quite special and there is always something different to do here. This city takes you to a trip in history in every walk and despite being a bit city it is so easy to get anywhere" – Lorena Carvalho, Brazil

Our School+

Excellent Teachers

"The teachers are all very kind and manage to give their students a really good feeling when speaking English. They manage to encourage us to feel confident when using the language but they also challenge us to improve our level constantly. I can really feel the benefit that I get from the course; Delfin offers you the bet learning environment in one of the greatest cities in the world." – Christina Zeiger, Germany

Our Team+

Great Atmosphere

"Delfin School London has had an absolutely tremendous impact on my English. I have gained so much knowledge and experience from the different students here – different cultures, food, sites, from zones 1 to 6, East to West; it has been incredible. I’m a Delfiner now!" – Bilal Murad, Jordan


Outstanding Value

"I feel very proud of myself, I am now much more confident in my English and conscious of what I can do in the future. You won’t get an experience like this anywhere else. Beyond my expanded English knowledge, I have made many friends from all over the world. This is a life changing experience!" – Francesca Collina, Italy



There are many languages schools in London, so it's important to choose an accredited language school for your studies to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Was a honor for me be a Delfiner, my six months in Delfin were really especial, I cant talk about delfin without remember about my friends and my best teachers. The best for me was the opportunity of know different...Janarelli, 25, Brazilian

Our social committee did an incredible job decorating the Dublin school for Halloween!

Really great English school, in an amazing atmosphere. Excellent staff and teachers. I loved this experience, I hope to go back.

Thibaud, 23, France

Thanks Delfin School for this amazing opportunity to learn English and have fun at the same time! The teachers are perfect, the staff is wonderful...but the Italian dancers are the best <3 Hope seeing you soon. ...Silvia, 23, Italian

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