Delfin Blog - 10 reasons to study abroad in the UK

London, here I am!

After my years of schooling I wanted to start something new. Spending half a year in London – Isn’t that what we all dream of? The city, the food, the culture, the lifestyle and the world of work welcomed me with open arms. And now I’m a marketing intern at Delfin English School. Why did I choose an internship? – Easy question! To gain experience, improve my English and find myself.
Studying English abroad was always my big dream! Why, therefore, did I decide to live in London? Because of the following 10 reasons:

1. Big Ben, Buckingham Palace or London Eye? Great sights, but they aren’t everything. London has so much more to offer! Discover little cafés, rooftop bars or a park in the urban jungle. I promise that you will not be bored. City festivals, street artists – a crazy adventure! There is a lot to see, let London inspire you. One hot tip is the ‘Peckham Rye Rooftop Cinema’. I am going to see many different places because of my internship. I will attend some social events - a big advantage! And after six months I will hopefully know almost all of London’s secrets.

2. Stress, sweat and no time, but a great experience. The atmosphere of the city is incredible. After two weeks I am enthusiastic and have already immersed myself in London. There is just one way to go, become independent. Make mistakes, chance it and help yourself!

3. On Friday there is a strong contrast. Do you believe there is a lively nightlife? You are absolutely right. Pub-Night! It is very traditional and you must do it. Everyone is welcome and many cultures come together- it’s the right place to break the ice and make new contacts. You can then get home with a bus or the NightTube.

4. Bus or Tube? Confusing? Not in London! The system of the underground is complex, but compact and practical. You won’t have long wait times and there will always be a station next to you. I also love the buses – it’s so cool to see a red double decker at every corner. And take a brief view of the London Eye in the morning. I love it!

5. It’s not what you say, but how you say it. That is why I enjoy spending time with Brits. They are too friendly, it is impossible. You will hear “Sorry”, “Excuse me”, “Thanks”, “Please” all the time, but you get used to it. All the staff at

Delfin English School are open-minded, helpful and cheerful. They facilitate my work and study abroad. The relationship with the students or “Delfiners” is very relaxed and we are close. It’s just perfect! #DelfinLife

6. Be yourself and try something new. The London Lifestyle is amazing; fashionable, multicultural, crazy and individual. Anything goes as long as you are happy. Be different!

7. Definitely the food! It’s great to discover new cuisines and the wide variety of food markets are absolute highlights!

8. Student life. I will be here for six months and I will get an idea what student life really means. So far I have noticed that Delfin students are full of energy; I am pleased!

9. Of course, English! I would like to improve and perfect my English whilst simultaneously gaining new experiences. I have made a good choice, because I benefit from my internship at Delfin English School. I work closely with an international team.

10. The combination of all these factors. Nice places and lovely people are everywhere. But the variety makes studying abroad in the UK so interesting. I am right in the middle of an incredible adventure! Now take your chance!

    Written by Eliza Starke, Sales and Marketing Assistant