Delfin Blog - My Waterford Greenway Experience

Ireland is a uniquely beautiful place with some of the most stunning landscapes you will ever see. It is the perfect place to study abroad because there is so much history and culture to experience; the people are so friendly that you will feel comfortable practicing your English skills.

For most of us, when we think about Ireland for the first time, four things come to our mind: green landscapes, music, beer and friendly people. What would you think if I told you that I had all of this in one during the last weekend?

Yes, you heard it properly, two amazing days full of priceless moments. Those type of moments that if you would have planned, wouldn’t have been as good as there were. Once again, Ireland stole my heart.

Everything started in Dublin where I took the bus directly to Waterford on Friday Evening, at that moment I was already excited about my “little” adventure. Once I arrived there, I started walking to my accommodation. While I was walking a husky male voice and the sound of a guitar coming from an Irish pub grabbed my attention. It was too late, because 30 minutes later I was there having a pint of Guinness and enjoying their live music. “Holidays” couldn´t start better.


The following day, after having breakfast with a lovely couple that own a brewery in Waterford, I took my backpack and I followed the sign: Waterford Greenway. I had 46 km ahead of me and two days to arrive to Dungarvan, a lovely coastal town in the South of Ireland.

I was very lucky; a wonderful sunny day was accompanying me during the first day of my journey. So far it was just me and my backpack. However, along the walk I saw people of different ages, from young groups of friends to old couples going by, parents cycling and carrying their little kids at the back of their bikes.

Spectacular views throughout the Waterford Countryside, from the Comeragh Mountains to the Clonea Cost, with bridges, tunnels, viaducts and the old rail way besides the river. There are not enough words to describe this stunning scenery while you are getting fresh air either walking or cycling. In my case, the first day from Waterford to Kilmacthomas, I peacefully walked 23 km then spent the night in that town. The following day I combined a bit of walking in great company to finish the last couple of hours of my journey cycling along the way.

But…Do you think this is the end? What if I told you that apart from this stunning landscape I have something very important to add to this trip?

Yes, I went on my own, however, I have never expected to find such nice companions as the ones that I had.

Kilmacthomas, a small town on the River Mahon where I had my accommodation booked, was waiting for me with a nice surprise; someone was doing the same as me, walking the Greenway. Suddenly we became two strangers that spent hours and hours talking about life. And, what if I told you that a few of the friendly locals decided to join us and we ended up having a fantastic time? Singing along, dancing, talking and cheering.

This is Ireland, small in size but big in surprises.

Now…Westport Greenway and Wild Atlantic Way...I will see you soon :)

Written by Cristina Cañas, Student Recruitment Executive