Delfin Blog – One Last Shot

My name is Maraisa Almeida and I am an English language student from Brazil, currently studying English at Delfin English School in Dublin.

I arrived in Ireland on March of 2018 and the reason why I came to Ireland was so that I could fulfill my dream of working for a multinational company, but first I needed to learn English, so that I could apply for a trainee position or an engineering position back in my home country.

At the beginning I got a job as a kitchen porter for a restaurant in Dublin. This was a very hard job, especially for a girl because you need to do a lot of heavy lifting, but I worked hard every day for seven months, because I wanted really hard to not only learn English but to also grow culturally and professionally.

One day, at the beginning of 2019, I found myself with mixed feelings about my current situation, not sure if I should stay in Ireland or go back to Brazil. All this time living far from home and struggling to learn English plus the hard work at the restaurant, made me a bit unsure if I should continue pushing forward.

I spoke with friends and family and they helped me to manage my feelings, but I was still a bit unsure. When I came back to school, I went to the admin office to speak about the course but ended up speaking about my professional objectives with a member of the Delfin staff. Erik Fiuza from Delfin, asked me how I was going, and I told him that I was planning to go back to Brazil in the middle of the year, because I was unsatisfied and lost with regards to my future goals. Back in Brazil I used to work with Quality Control for a Chemical Company, so I was able to use my degree and to grow professionally, but now in Ireland, I found myself stuck, because I was working in a restaurant and I felt that I could not grow professionally.

At Delfin, he advised me to try finding a job in my area of expertise. He told me about a Critical Skills Work Permit, which I could try to apply for and would be able to work full-time in Ireland. He also told me about all the opportunities available in Ireland, and I remember that he said that I should give it a shot as I had nothing to lose. I had no idea, but there are so many opportunities in Ireland, especially in my field of study. This hadn’t even crossed my mind, but now that I might have a solution, I thought to myself that this might be worth a shot. I also spoke with my family and friends who also advised me the same and I felt encouraged to try.

I took a chance and I applied for jobs in my area of expertise and I was really surprised by the results. I have a degree in Technical and Chemical Engineering, so initially I didn’t think I would get called for interviews because of my level of English, but I was called for a lot of interviews, and I got a job within three weeks.

I have left the restaurant and now I am a Quality Control Specialist for a company that packs beef, pork and lamb for a large chain of stores in Ireland. I am incredibly happy at this job and every day I feel that I am learning something new both at work and at school.

Before I was planning to go back home, but now I plan to renew my course and continue in Ireland, because I still have much to learn.

I wanted to share my story, because I believe that just like me, other students might be in the same spot that I was a few months ago, and therefore my advice is:

“Don’t give up and keep on trying, continue to look for a job in your area of expertise and improve your English as much as you can. Keep applying and believe in yourself because there are opportunities for everyone, just try and apply, the worst that might happen is a “no”, but you might get a “yes”, like I did, and change your life in ways that you have never imagined. Just have a little faith!”

Maraisa Almeida

24 years old | Brazilian

Quality Control Specialist in Ireland

Delfiner by heart