The Big Bang Theory voted Mexico's favourite comedy TV show to learn English

A while back, Delfin English School conducted a survey to find out which Netflix comedy show was Spain’s favourite for learning English. Delfin has now done a follow-up study in Mexico, asking 1000 people which are their favourite comedy TV show to learn English.

Mexican nationals are very aware that it is helpful to learn English. Proficiency in English helps to get jobs in other countries and converse with English speaking immigrants. While it is no secret that sitcoms are very popular in Mexico, Delfin wanted to find out which English-language show is the country's favourite when it comes to learning. And the top spot goes to The Big Bang Theory!

According to our survey, men and women agree on the top 5 comedy shows to learn English. Percentages differ, but the order is the same.

Participants aged 35 and over are the biggest fans of Friends and Modern Family. How I Met Your Mother Scores 3rd place with young people (aged 18-25) but is far from the favourite for other age groups.

Mexico vs Spain

The Big Bang Theory is much more loved in Mexico than in Spain (37% of Mexicans have chosen The Big Bang Theory vs 25% of Spaniards). How I Met Your Mother is also more loved in Mexico than Spain: both men and women in Mexico like the show more than Spaniards.

Why is Watching a Sitcom so Helpful to Learn English?

In the modern world, there are so many ways to learn a language. Taking classes, hiring an online tutor, or buying language learning software such as Rosetta Stone are some of the most common. Many students who are trying to better their English find that watching American or British sitcoms is a fun and effective way to do it.

Here are some of the benefits when students use sitcoms to learn English:

• Watching these programmes is more entertaining. It’s not as overwhelming as studying from a book.

• They won’t become burnt out if they are immersed in the show, as it is a relaxing pastime.

• Sitcom formats help to space out their lessons. Having short study sessions on a daily basis is proven to help improve memory and recall. Sitcom programme formats encourage this type of study.

• They will learn a lot of slang terms and informal phrases that English speakers actually use in everyday conversation.