​What is Spain's Favorite Netflix Comedy to Learn English From?

In 2015, The Local published an article about Spain’s newfound love for the English language. The article cited a study showing that the country only had an English proficiency score of 49.01. This was the third worst score in Europe. However, this is beginning to change, as more Spaniards start learning English.

Spanish residents are starting to realise they need to learn English and become proficient enough to get jobs in other countries and converse with English speaking immigrants. Enrolling in an English Course in Dublin, London or other cities where this is the main language are a very good way to improve a student skills, but not the only one.

Which Netflix Comedy show is the Most Popular in Spain?

While it is no secret that sitcoms are very popular in Spain, we wanted to know which is the country's favourite. We conducted a Google Survey to find out. According to our survey, Friends is the most popular sitcom to help those studying English. However, it was rated only slightly higher than The Big Bang Theory, which is also very popular in Spain.

Also, The Big Bang Theory is slightly more popular among men and viewers between 18 and 24 years old.

Women prefer Friends as a show to learn English, followed by The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family nearly tying in second place:

The three most popular shows among men were The Big Bang Theory, Friends and Modern Family.

Why are Sitcoms Good for Learning English?

There are lots of ways to learn English. Buying a copy of Rosetta Stone or hiring an English tutor are two of the most common.

However, many people find that watching American or British sitcoms is a better, and more fun, way to do it. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Watching these programs is more entertaining. You won’t feel as overwhelmed as you would actively studying from a book.
  • You won’t become burnt out if you are immersing yourself in the show as it is a passive pastime.
  • You will learn a lot of slang terms and informal phrases that English speakers use in everyday conversation. Most other English immersion programs use more formal vocabularies and conversational styles. They may be good for making an academic presentation, but won’t help you as much in everyday situations.