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General English - Plus Programme

General English 20 is a combination programme where students study general English for 3 hours per day and then have 1 hour of elective. The course can be taken in the morning or afternoon. General English 20 is ideal for students who need to put an extra focus on their speaking skills for work, study or travel.

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General English Courses London

In our General English course, students will learn about the four main language skills of English - reading, writing, listening and speaking. Students can choose General English 15, 20 or 30 hours per week. It's a great option if you want to improve your general knowledge of English.

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General English 30

Students on General English 30 study in both the morning and afternoon, 5 days a week. General English 30 is ideal for students who want to maximise their English language learning while abroad.

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Exam Preparation

Our Exam Preparation 20 course allows students to combine General English studies with examination skills and preparation. Exam Preparation 20 is perfect for students who would like to prepare for one of the international English language examinations.

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Business English

Business English 20 is a combination English course where students have three hours of General English in the morning or afternoon, and also take a one hour Business English elective class every day. Business English 20 is ideal for those who need to develop their business communication skills.

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Part Time English Courses

General English 6 and General English 9 are part-time English courses where students study for 2 or 3 days each week. They are perfect for students who want to combine their English studies with work or a busy schedule

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Year-Round Junior Groups

Delfin English Schools London and Dublin are able to provide competitive quotations for English courses for junior school groups throughout the year.

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