General English Plus Work Experience

Delfin’s General English Plus Work Experience Programme is the ideal way for you to improve both your English and your professional skills. Once you’ve improved your level of English and ability to communicate in work-related situations, you will start your placement and begin to gain a deeper insight into the international world of work.

This programme is perfect for you if you are a university student, graduate or young professional and you want a career where you will need to use English to communicate with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures.

Students opting to do an unpaid internship often have a wider choice of sectors to work in, but if you are on a budget the paid option will help you to support yourself financially. Delfin work placements are organised through one of our partners, and their extensive network of employers means that a placement can be guaranteed. Work placements can be paid or unpaid.

  • Course Duration: Minimum 4 weeks of General English 20
  • Course Content: General English lessons for 3 hours per day. 1 hour per day in an elective class focussed on English for Work
  • Course Schedule: Morning (09.15 – 13.45) or afternoon (12.45 – 17.15)
  • Minimum level: B1 – for students with a lower level of English we will advise on how long the preparation course should be
  • Placement mode: Paid work placement or unpaid internship (please select)
  • Placement duration: Minimum 4 weeks / maximum 6 months
  • Placement fee: £450 in addition to tuition fee (For End of Studies Internship £645(UK or €715 (Ireland))
  • Requirements: Citizen of an EEA country. Minimum 18 years of age. Must provide an up-to-date CV/Resume
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