Delfin Blog - A Delfin Love Story

As it is Valentine’s week, I wanted to share with you the love story of two of our Delfiners. Rafael and Luma are a lovely couple from Brazil. They are currently both studying General English at Delfin School Dublin. Luma is a biologist and Rafael works in financial planning.

First I wanted to find out how they met. Rafael said “I met Luma many years ago in high school. I had always admired her from afar but I never did anything about it because she had a boyfriend at the time. Then after we both graduated I ended up moving far away from where we grew up in Guaratinguetá. I moved to attend college and further my education. I knew that I wanted to work in financial planning and I wanted to study at the best place for my subjects. At that time, I didn’t think that I was likely to see Luma again.”

But once he had finish his college education he decided to return home to Guaratinguetá. Luma explained, “It’s so strange how things work out. All of a sudden someone can come into your life and then everything changes. We were both single and I had joined a dating website. It was just for fun and I certainly didn’t expect anything serious to come from it. You hear stories from friends who have met great people online and you think, why not!?” It just so happens that Rafael had joined the same dating website and all of a sudden he came across Luma’s profile, “I recognised her immediately. She had become more beautiful over time and I knew I had to contact her.” They began messaging one another, reminiscing about high school and the past. After some time catching up and getting to know one another again they decided to go on an official date. “I was so nervous,” said Rafael, “even though we had known each other for a long time and our conversations had been effortless, that first meeting in the pub was still nerve-wracking. Then as soon as I saw her, I relaxed and it was easy.”

Since that first date, the pair have been inseparable. “When Luma decided to travel to Ireland, I didn’t think twice about joining her. We both knew that we wanted to travel abroad and it felt like the right time for both of us.” They packed up all their things and embarked upon a new adventure in Dublin! Luma remembered, “On the plane Rafael asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend and, of course I said ‘yes!’”

Since then Luma and Rafael have been enjoying every minute of their Irish adventure together. Luma said, “We chose Delfin School after researching on the internet and reading lots of Google reviews. Studying abroad is a big decision and we wanted to choose the right school. There were so many options but in the end we chose Delfin because it stood out from the other language schools. The more we read, the more we knew it had to be Delfin. I looked at Facebook and the other students seemed to have the same outlook. I could picture us fitting in there.”

They love Ireland so much that they want to live there long term. Luma dreams of working for Guinness (she knows how to make beers) and Rafael is doing an English Exam Preparation course so that he can do a master's degree in finance at a top university.

Ultimately it was the best decision that we ever made. Yes, we are gaining knowledge and language skills every day that will help us to get a better job, but it’s the overall experience of being part of another culture that is the most exciting thing. Dublin is such a beautiful city filled with warm, friendly people. Most of all I’m so glad that we can share this experience together!” - Rafael

Written by Talita Pereira, Delfin Dublin Student