Delfin Blog - A life changing experience

Speaking fluency in English is essential in modern society for lots of different reasons. English is the most common language in the world, it's the language of international business. I'm 22 and the more I grow up, the more I realise the importance of getting fluent in English. I am currently studying Law at University in Bologna, Italy and the English mastery is the minimum required to work both in Italy and in the international sphere.

You should know that I am a very shy person and speaking in English was not one of my strong points. However, I took on the personal challenge of travelling to London and improving my English this summer. While I was on holiday from university, I decided to spend 3 weeks in London immersing myself in the English language. I was searching for language schools online when I came across Delfin. It seemed like the right place for me and the courses were affordable.

I chose to study General English 30 because I was looking for an intensive course to make the most of my short time in London. On my first day of school I had to take a writing and speaking test and there was an induction. I was pretty nervous at the start, but when other new starters began to arrive in the Delfin Lounge I felt more relaxed. My first lesson had a really nice atmosphere. My teachers were brilliant and I could learn English grammar and vocabulary whilst laughing a lot. I felt comfortable to make mistakes and was able to learn more quickly. I think that the best thing about Delfin School is the teachers.
London is one of the most amazing cities in the world. There is so much history in the architecture around you; there is a really exciting buzz in the air that makes you feel like anything is possible. There are so many opportunities here; you will never run out of things to see and do! I have met people from all over the world and made good friends.

The social events at Delfin inspired me a lot. I went on a couple of the free walking tours to get to know the city better and meet other students in the school. It honestly feels like you’re joining a family when you study at Delfin. They call us ‘Delfiners’ here at the school, there isn’t a direct translation in Italian; it doesn’t make sense. But now I know that a Delfiner is a Delfin School student and being a Delfiner is about being more than an ordinary student; it’s about being adventurous and brave.

Coming home to Italy, I feel very proud of myself. Even though I am not the most confident of people, I did it. I travelled to London, took an English language course and had an exciting adventure, and I did it all by myself. I love traveling all over the world and speaking English can make it easier. For me, it was a life changing experience. I'm glad to build confidence in English and I hope this is just the beginning! If you are thinking of travelling; stop making excuses and do it, you won’t look back.

Written by Francesca Collina, Italian Student, General English 30