Applying for a visa to study in the UK

Getting a visa to study in the UK is not a hard process, but it can take time and planning. Plus, with Brexit coming up, the rules may change. We’ve put together the information you need now, along with where to find updates as the Brexit situation becomes clearer.


Do you need a visa?

Firstly, not everyone needs a visa in order to study in the UK. Currently, EU/EEA/Switzerland residents do not require a visa to come to the UK. However, how long you can stay without a visa may change when the UK leaves the EU, so make sure you look for updates before travelling.

If you are unsure whether you need a visa or not, you can check the status of your home country on this link. 

For other countries, whether you need a visa or not depends on your home country’s status and the amount of time you plan to study in the UK.

·         Under 6 months

Visa nationals – you are required to get a Short-Term Study Visa before you leave your home country for the UK.

Non-visa nationals – you do not need a visa in advance, but you must get a stamp in your passport on arrival in the UK to allow you to study here. You will need to bring your letter of acceptance, evidence that you can fund your stay and journey home, details of where you’re staying in the UK, and proof that you intend on going home at the end of your course. If you are under 18, you must bring contact details for at least one parent or guardian.

·         6-11 months

Visa nationals and non-visa nationals – you need to apply for a visa before leaving your country to study in the UK if your course lasts between 6 and 11 months.

If you are taking an English Language course for 6-11 months, you will need a Short-Term Study Visa. (

If you are under 18, you can apply for a Child Study Visa. (

Further information

For more information on visas in the UK, go to

For information on applying in your country go to:

Another useful website is



The deadline for a Brexit deal has been extended to the end of January 2020. Currently, EU students do not need a visa to study in the UK; however, the amount of time EU students can stay in the UK without a visa may change when the UK leaves the EU.

Delfin English School continues to work closely with our partner organisation English UK. Additional guidance from English UK regarding the impact of Brexit can be found online here.

If you plan to study for less than three months, there is currently NO IMMEDIATE CHANGE TO ENTRY REQUIREMENTS prior to 1st January 2021.

The EU has agreed a Brexit extension to 31st January 2020, which means there’s no immediate threat of the UK leaving the EU without a deal in place – a no-deal Brexit means that EU students planning on studying for longer would need a European Temporary Leave to Remain Visa. Further details on this visa and whether you might need one can be found on this page.

·         ID Cards

Information on travelling to the UK on ID cards can be found here. Currently, the UK government will accept ID cards for entry until 30th December 2020.

·         Erasmus + programmes

Currently, Erasmus+ programmes between the UK and EU are likely to continue until the end of 2020 if a deal is reached and ratified by the UK government. If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, the UK government is keen to guarantee that the UK will continue to participate in Erasmus + programmes until the end of 2020.